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19 July 2008 @ 01:24 am
Absolutely Divine  
Oh my, I seem to belong to this community. >.> I didn't realize I actually joined anything on LJ. XD

Anyways, 'tis Isilneth #29133. Like the rest of the world, I got Divine Token(s) on the fourth(fifth?) of July, and made Divine(s). XD

I've got Remy LeBeau up for breed (pic) and may put Erik Lensherr up for stud if there's any requests. (Hafta log in to see pic, comp gives me issues with uploading stuff to Photobucket right now.)The other one I currently have made is not up for breed, but if there's an interest, I may sell pups from Anna (pic) and Remy.

Here's what the (currently)one aged pup looks like.